Commercial furniture, also called contract furniture, describes furnishings that have been specifically designed and rigorously tested for repetitive usage.  Commercial furniture is expected to be used by more people with greater regularity over more frequent and longer periods of time than residential furniture.  Compared to residential furniture, commercial furniture is universally made from higher quality materials. The fabrics are tougher, construction is sturdier, finishes are stronger and the furniture warranties are longer and more inclusive than residential furniture.  Commercial grade products are meant to hold up to heavy use for long periods of time, and are tested, stamped & approved by ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) under ANSI for commercial applications.  Commercial furniture is used in hotels, condominiums, restaurants, shopping centers, parks, residential communal pools/gathering areas, etc. 




Residential furniture should not be used in any commercial environment because it is made for residential use only. If used commercially, the owner of the furniture is not protected from the liability and litigious repercussions in the event of accident or injury involving non-commercial furniture.